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The TrapperGord Trading Post carries several complete lines of traps and wildlife management devices created by internationally known and respected manufactures. Trading PostWe also have in stock many other common and essential items for trappers from ammunition to traditional wooden frame snowshoes.

In our store you’ll find the largest selection of native crafts in Canada, as well as many other one of a kind items handcrafted by people who live close to the land.

We also offer an extensive selection of educational books and DVDs, as well as a variety of wilderness courses that include Standard Trapper Education and Advanced Wildlife Management seminars.

Featured Product

Trapping Supplies We offer a full selection of Koro Traps proudly built in Manitoba Canada.

Our feature trap this month is the new Koro Wolf and Mountain lion trap that measures 8.5 in X 9 in inside diameter. This trap will easily handle Wolf or Mountain Lion. Koro has made this trap extremely strong and yet has kept the weight down to only 6 lbs. It is set up with a spring steel round dog for extra strength that holds the large 3.5 in X 4 in heavy duty pan. The heavy springs will allow the trap to come up and catch you target animal even after a heavy snow fall. If you are a serious wolf trapper, then this is a trap you will come to appreciate.

Available now for only $105.00 each

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